Our Charism

“Cristo Rey Orlando High School gives young hearts the chance to see an opportunity that seemed impossible as an open door to enter and to witness that the impossibilities for humans are the possibilities for God. Cristo Rey does not seek greatness for the school, but rather the greatness of the dignity of the human person and his capacity to become fully what he was created to be.” 

Mother Adela Galindo, Foundress SCTJM

Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Cristo Rey Orlando and the Servants of the Pierced Hearts have partnered together to build a civilization of love for students, families, and the community.

The Servants of the Pierced Hearts are a Religious Institute of Sisters of Diocesan Right founded by Mother Adela Galindo on August 15, 1990, in the Archdiocese of Miami, FL USA, and erected as a Diocesan Religious Institute on March 25, 2000.

Since an early age, our Mother Foundress has had a profound understanding of the need to form young hearts in the beauty of the Truth so as to be able to make good, fundamental choices that would mature them, lead them to the fullness of life, and equip them to face the challenges they will confront in the world.

Mother Adela also had and continues to have a great desire to open new opportunities for the authentic development of the human person and each person’s contribution in the building of society. A strong, Catholic education is fundamental for the building of the future of the youth.

"We are called to manifest the reign of love of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary as the building force for the construction of a new civilization of love, life, truth, and solidarity." 

Mother Adela, Foundress SCTJM